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"Your Buddy in a Bag"

The GAME HANDLERS were conceived in a time of crisis. One evening while hunting in east Texas, after a day and a half of rain, I shot a 120 lb. hog down in a dry creek bottom. I was hunting 60 thousand acres owned by a paper company. It was Wednesday and there was only one other hunter besides me somewhere in the woods . I was over two miles from camp when I shot the hog and after watching the hog spin and fall into the creek bottom I knew I was going to have trouble getting him out.


I couldn't get my four wheeler close to the hog so I had to drag him out and up the hill. I struggled as I tried to drag him up the hill. His wet and bloody short hair made it all but impossible to get a maintain a hold on him. Finally, I grabbed a strap off my ATV and began to pull him up the hill with it. After getting him to the four wheeler I again struggled to get him up and onto the rack. Now in my 50's, I can't do what I use to do. I had to come up with a plan to load this animal.  With two straps and a long period of time I was able to load the hog. Later I realized if there were handles on those straps it would  have been easy to load him.

We are a group of hunting enthusiast who often find ourselves in the woods alone.  


We live the American Dream every day here in America. With the liberties and freedoms afforded to us by our Heavenly Father and founding fathers, we take advantage of our rights to hunt and enjoy the great outdoors. We are also hard worker people, providing for ourselves and our families. Although we realize there are those less fortunate than us, we believe it is often their choices that placed them in that position. We believe in getting up everyday and making things happen in stead of waiting on someone else to provide for us or give it to us. If things are tough we believe there is always a better way, and will look for it.  Hunting is a way of life for us. We believe it teaches us values like respect, responsibility, and the value of life. It teaches us how nature is part of our survival, but can't be taken lightly because every animal has rights. When a game animal is harvested, it should be done in the most humane way possible, and the carcass treated with care to provide us with the best meat possible. We believe if we have extra, we are to share it with others and not to waist the resources given to us.  

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