Place the animal behind the vehicle with its legs toward you.


Attach the “S” hook end to the vehicle (an accessory strap may be necessary for pickup trucks and ATV's)


The other end will go around the animal; in front of the back legs and behind the front legs. The handles should be toward the ground and away from the animal.


Secure the Snap Hook to the “D” ring.  Have the “D” ring near the backbone as the strap is tightened.

Tighten the straps around the animal as snug as possible.


Using the handles near the Snap Hook, lift the animal one side at a time, pulling the slack out of the strap after each lift. Lift as much as you can, even a few inches at a time. Do this until the animal is as high as you can get it. That should be near the back of the loading deck.

Now, reach under and behind the animal. Grab the handles on the other side of the animal as high as you can. While standing up, roll the animal onto the vehicle

Now that the animal is on your vehicle, you can leave the Game Handlers attached to the animal and use the other end to secure it to the rack.

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Caution: Lifting anything can be dangerous. One could harm themselves even when they believed themselves to be healthy and capable. Before lifting anything with your back, seek and read ways of lifting  things. Example: Lift with your knees and not your back. If you feel you are not in good enough health to lift the weight of your animal, seek assistance. The Game Handlers make no claims. They are a “Lift Assist Device”. You will be lifting the animal not the straps. It is for this reason you are taking full responsibility for your actions.

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